Our modules focus on specific areas of healthy and safe work. They typically include a survey, online training, and downloadable resource. These tools can help your team benchmark your progress in areas such as workplace mental health and family-friendly workplace policies and practices. After completing one of our surveys, you will receive an Impact Card. We can help you interpret your Impact Card and create related action items during your advising session.

Mental Health

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices. Mental health influences an individual’s production and interaction within the workplace. The Workplace Mental Health Module helps your organization assess its existing mental health supports and provides recommendations to meet the needs of your employees. Developed by Health Links and the Helen & Arthur E. Johnson Depression Center at the University of Colorado, this module is built upon years of research and practice.  

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Diabetes Prevention

The annual burden of diabetes is substantial: $237 billion in direct medical cost, $90 billion in lost productivity at work. The Diabetes Prevention Module assists employers to offer the diabetes prevention program to employees as a covered benefit. In partnership with public health, insurers, employer coalitions, program providers, and pharmacies, we aim to increase awareness, promotion, and coverage of a variety of evidence-based programs to help employees prevent and manage chronic illnesses, like diabetes.

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We aren’t just workers; we’re friends, parents, children, neighbors, pet owners, and more. Family-friendly workplace policies and practices can help your team members thrive at work and at home. By supporting the well-being of your employees, your organization can build a culture of trust and support that results in increased productivity, job satisfaction, and a happier and healthier workforce. The Family-Friendly Workplace Module is designed to help you assess how family-friendly your workplace is, receive feedback, and make positive change.

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Get Outdoors

We're spending less time outdoors, roughly 90% of our time is spent inside buildings or vehicles. This migration indoors is linked to a rise in health issues that come from a less active lifestyle. Beyond providing physical health benefits, research shows that outdoor recreation presents a suite of mental health benefits including a reduction in stress levels, improved well-being, and increased social connectedness. The Get Outdoors module includes a survey and resources that employers can use to benchmark current efforts and learn best practices to promote a healthier lifestyle for employees.

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What we eat at the workplace and during work matters. The Food@Work Module is a tool to help employers assess and improve the food they offer employees based on the Food Service Guidelines for Federal Facilities from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The module includes evidence-based resources and a survey that helps you measure your workplace food offerings across five domains (benchmarks).

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