Our modules focus on specific areas of healthy and safe work. They typically include a survey, online training, and downloadable resource. These tools can help your team benchmark your progress in areas such as family-friendly workplace policies and practices. After completing one of our surveys, you will receive an Impact Card. We can help you interpret your Impact Card and create related action items during your advising session.

Plus and Premium Plan members may access these tools anytime on Your Dashboard.


We aren’t just workers; we’re friends, parents, children, neighbors, pet owners, and more. Family-friendly workplace policies and practices can help your team members thrive at work and at home. By supporting the well-being of your employees, your organization can build a culture of trust and support that results in increased productivity, job satisfaction, and a happier and healthier workforce. Our Family-Friendly Module is designed to help you assess how family-friendly your workplace is, receive feedback, and make positive change.

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