Get Outdoors Module

In partnership with the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, we’ve developed a survey and resources that workplaces can use to benchmark and learn best practices about these issues in an effort to promote a healthier lifestyle for employees.

What It Is

The Get Outdoors Employer Module includes a self-scoring organizational survey and a resource guide (Employer Toolkit). These resources help cultivate positive and healthy work environments. Our aim is to help you understand how to integrate and promote the sustainable use of nature and outdoor recreation to enhance the health, safety, and well-being of your diverse workforce.

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What Is Included


The Get Outdoors Employer Survey assesses how your organization promotes the use and stewardship of the outdoors through workplace initiatives to enhance employee health and well-being. Use this self-scoring survey to measure strengths and opportunities for enhancing your workplace culture to promote the great outdoors. The survey helps you assess your organization’s existing benefits, programs, and policies and inform new initiatives and includes questions that cover four benchmarks:

  • Organization and Leadership Values: Does your organization and its leaders value the outdoors? Does your organization encourage access and use of outdoor spaces?
  • Access & Inclusivity: Are outdoor spaces accessible at your workplace? Do all groups of employees have regular access to the outdoors?
  • Health Promotion and Activities: Does your organization encourage outdoor breaks during the work day? Does your organization sponsor outdoor recreation and social events?
  • Education and Conservation: Does your organization educate employees about responsible use of the outdoors? Are employees encouraged to participate in outdoor volunteer days?

Self-Scoring Rubric

The Get Outdoors Employer Survey is self-scored. We provide an easy-to-understand scoring rubric for you and your team as well as targeted recommendations to enhance your commitment to getting employees outdoors. 


The Get Outdoors Employer Toolkit helps organizations improve the health and well-being of their employees through outdoor activities. Based on the Governor of Colorado's health initiative, we created this free resource guide in partnership with the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office to encourage and support a healthier workforce.

Our Partners

Thank you to our partners who helped develop and distribute this module.

  • Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
  • Center for Health, Work & Environment