Success Stories

Town of Winter Park / Winter Park, CO

Certified Healthy Workplace™ Partner

Health Links (HL): What does being a healthy business mean to your organization? How does it reflect the company’s values and business goals?

Town of Winter Park (WP): The Town is striving to be a healthy business to support our employees and their dependents in reaching better healthy lifestyles and milestones. We view healthy and happy employees as the main driver of the Town in delivering world-class service to our residents and guests. 

HL: How has Health Links helped your organization? 

WP: Health Links has provided the support to help the Town kick-start a wellness and safety program for our employees. Through the evaluations and consulting provided by John Reidle we were able to establish a plan to make things move forward to implement an even better program than we had in the past. John’s involvement helps us to keep moving forward in accomplishing our goals.

HL: What changes have you seen among your employees, their families, and the surrounding community as a result of your program(s)?      

WP: Employees are becoming more engaged in our health programs either through learning initiatives, understanding how they impact our benefits and rates, and how the wellness and safety initiatives will impact their work and home life.

HL: Does your health and safety program help give back to your community?

WP: Since the Town provides many services to our community, the programs in place and being developed will only improve our support of the community, businesses and our guests.

HL: What tip/advice would you give to a business that is considering starting a workplace health and safety program?

WP: For us, we needed the impetus to get moving on improving our wellness programs. Health Links and its advisor have been good at providing resources and the support necessary to get programs moving and continuing.