Success Stories

Roaring Fork Physical Therapy /

Certified Healthy Workplace™

How does your workplace environment  support employee health and safety?

RFPT has always adhered to OSHA safety standards, universal precautions are a must, and RFPT employs a safety "committee" to ensure safety for all employees. RFPT is a non-smoking employer and will offer assistance through counseling, self-help programs or therapy to assist employees with any addiction or abuse issues.

RFPT  promotes safety and  ergonomic awareness in the  workplace    We  have  fun too  -   from playing with fire extinquishers and promoting fire drills, to self review of body mechanics to staff participation in general  exercise  and wellness.


What is the  best part of your workday?

Working with staff and patients - I have an amazing staff who is great to work with and most of my  patients are a joy to treat {the worst part is the  paperwork and documentation!)


Have you see a change among families, friends or the surrounding community as a result of your program? How so?

Absolutely,  I have had many repeat  patients and clientele who continue to return to  RFPT for varied care management or episodes, many are self referrals as they have been here in the past, and many are referrals from past patients. The community has been very open about including RFPT in education - as we have had programs with Basalt Elementary School, Basalt Middle School, Pitkin County, City of Aspen, The Roaring Fork Club, The Aspen Ski Company and other businesses in building ergonomics, healthy awareness of fitness and rehabilitation.


What is the biggest success you've seen in the organization as a result for the workplace health and safety program?

Camaraderie and cohesive team building in the workplace, we are a very close {slightly dysfunctional but as a whole, functional) family- The staff at RFPT is encouraging and caring towards each other and  as such, our care and management  of  our  patients is  exemplary.


How do you feel the Health Links Certification has helped your workplace health and safety program?

Health links has brought the ideal of healthy mind, body and spirit to the fore-front of our organization  and as such, there is a great embracing  of  the  ideal af a healthy whale.