Success Stories

FYZICAL Health / Sarasota, FL

Certified Healthy Workplace™ Partner

Health Links (HL): Why is the health and safety of your employees important to you?

FYZICAL Health (FH): FYZICAL is a national collaboration of medical and business professionals working together to reduce pain, restore activity, and improve the quality of life for our clients. Our employees are our most important assets.


HL: What does your workplace health and safety program look like? Do you offer both components to employees? 

FH: We offer a fitness facility to our staff, flexible hours to accommodate family schedules, and safety programs to promote health.


HL: How will you/do you know your program is successful?

FH: Our goal is to help clients and staff “Love Your Life”. We hope to encourage long-term growth with the company and reduce turnover.


HL: What obstacles did you have to overcome to get your program started? How did you overcome them?

FH: It is difficult to have a successful health care company. We spend considerable time on training and motivating the staff. Our national franchise offers extensive education and development programs.


HL: Does your health and safety program help give back to your community?

FH: Absolutely. Our goal is to help prevent Americans from falling by offering balance and vestibular programs to encourage stability in our clients.  Our staff is proud of the work we perform and our clients are able to increase their mobility and be more independent.


HL: What tip/advice would you give to a business that is considering starting a workplace health and safety program? 

FH: Preventative health care is a way to reduce stress and enhance well-being.