Success Stories

Aurora Chamber of Commerce /

Certified Healthy Workplace™ Leader

Why did your business decide become a Health Links Certified Healthy Business?:
The Chamber previously had a "health series," offering health trends and information for our members. In 2015, we were approached by Tri-County Health Department to partner in a Worksite Wellness project. We folded our health series into the worksite wellness project and named it 'Work Well 2.0 Health Series.' For the partnership, and in order to assess the worksite wellness of companies joining our program, Health Links certification became part of the program.
So, for The Chamber, it was part of the plan; turning out to be a wonderful tool to assess what we are doing, as well as look at options to enhance our program.
Being a Health Links Certified Healthy business shows that The Chamber is indeed involved in - and committed to - worksite wellness.
We are proud of our status as a Certified Healthy Business, and want to continue to spread the word!

What benefits did the Certification bring to your business?:
As the co-administrator of the Work Well 2.0 Health Series, certification brings additional credibility to The Chamber.
We are walking the talk, eating healthier, and helping our member businesses do the same, by offering membership in the coalition to improve the health of their business. It's a great benefit of being a Chamber member.

How has this Certification changed the way your business thinks about health promotion and safety?:
It's always helpful to put things in writing. This certification has made our staff more aware of health promotion and safety, and we are able to share that with other Chamber members.

How has your employee health and safety program given back to your community?:
Well, I would like to say that our program has given back to the community, by offering this program - and therefore the Health Links Certification - to businesses in our community. A healthier business community certainly trickles down to families and the overall community!