Success Stories

All Points Transit / Montrose, CO

Certified Healthy Workplace™ Partner

Health Links (HL): Why is the health and wellness of your employees important to you?

All Points Transit (APT): Health and wellness equate to lower costs in Workers Comp claims, less absenteeism, and even better employee attitudes towards their jobs. By providing employees with a health and wellness benefit program it shows employees that management cares about them and their health. It is a benefit added to their compensation.


HL: How will you/do you know your program is successful?

APT: We have seen Workers Comp claims come down and moderate participation in our wellness challenges.


HL: What obstacles did you have to overcome to get your program started?  How did you overcome them?

APT: Getting the momentum started took some time. Likewise, keeping the momentum going is a challenge. Having fresh ideas to keep employees engaged is important to the success of the program.


HL: Do you incorporate safety along with your wellness program? If so, what does this look like?

APT: We have a monthly meeting with all staff required to attend. At all of these meetings we have a 45-60 minute safety meeting portion included in the agenda. This can include videos, guest lecturers, fun facts, quizzes and audience participation. Humor is a part of these meetings to keep it lively. Often, a quiz can occur at end of the safety portion meeting and often the quiz results are added to the employee file.