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Organizations committed to workplace health, safety, and well-being, or looking to kick-start improved health and safety practices, should apply to join our Healthy Business Network. All businesses that complete our assessment are recognized for their commitment to improving their health and safety practices, on a four-tiered scale, and receive one-on-one support from our local advisors to meet their health and safety goals. Qualifying organizations become Certified Healthy Businesses, based on a three-tiered scale of recognition.

To join our Healthy Business Network, please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Review the assessment checklist

Before taking the assessment, we suggest all organizations review a checklist outlining what information you will need to complete the questionnaire. We also encourage you to review a sample assessment before submitting the online assessment.

Review the Checklist 

Download Assessment for Review 

Step 2: Complete the online assessment

This 35-question assessment will gauge how well your organization is promoting workplace health, safety, and well-being based on six benchmarks, the Health Links Standard: organizational support, workplace assessments, health promotion policies and programs, safety policies and programs, engagement, and evaluation. The assessment takes about 30-45 minutes to complete. 

Take the Assessment

Assessment Fee:

2-49 employees = $90
50-99 employees = $180
100+ employees = $360

Step 3: Review your results, be recognized, and meet your advisor 

After completing the assessment, your organization will be recognized at the kick-start, certified, partner, or leader level based on your score. You will receive a report card with a summary of your results and an email from our team to schedule a meeting with a local advisor. Your local advisor work with you one-on-one to set goals and take action.

SSWell Study

Health Links businesses are also encouraged to participate in our SSWell study! The SSWell study is a multi-year research project designed to understand what small organizations are doing to support the health, safety, and well-being of their workforce, the impact on health outcomes, and how employees perceive their workplace culture. To learn more visit our website or contact Erin Shore at

Certified Health Links™ Business Leader

Certified Health Links™ Business Leader

Certified Healthy Business Leaders have been recognized for their leadership in creating a culture of health and safety in their workplace and beyond. These businesses are identifying ways to bring in family members, other businesses and the surrounding community to support what they do.

Certified Health Links™ Business Partner

Certified Health Links™ Business Partner

Certified Healthy Business Partners have been recognized for their comprehensive approach to health and safety. Not only have they established leadership commitment and engaged with their employees, but they are creating tailored programs to reach all of their employees and their families.

Certified Health Links™ Business

Certified Health Links™ Business

Certified Healthy Businesses have been recognized for their leadership commitment, employee engagement and creating goals that target their individual needs.



Kick-Start businesses have been recognized for taking the first step to build a culture of health, safety and well-being in their workplace. These businesses work closely with our network of advisors and are on their way to achieving the benchmarks for certification.