Success Stories

Encore Electric / Lakewood, CO

Certified Healthy Workplace™ Leader

Health Links (HL): How did you find out about Health Links and why did Encore decide to join the Healthy Business Network?

Encore Electric (EE): I heard about you through Michelle at Tri-County Health through the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce. She asked if we were certified by Health Links. When I came to Encore, I really thought they made a genuine effort in their wellness programs. 

HL: How did Health Links help Encore Electric?

EE: Health Links provided a really good outline of what a healthy business should look like. The application, advising session with Kaylee, and resulting action plan provided great guidance. Health Links has a really good view and purpose when it comes to employer guidance. 

HL: What does being a Healthy Business mean to your organization? How does it reflect Encore’s values or business goals?

EE: Encore really wants to make the company the best place to work. Being certified helps employees to think about health every day, to always be aware of their well-being. Additionally, on the business side, we all know that healthy employees are more productive, leading to better business outcomes. 

HL: How does Encore Electric create a culture of health, safety, and well-being for employees?

EE: We do it in so many ways. We provide wellness information in emails, newsletters, orientation. We provide fruit to job sites on weekly basis and have wellness challenges. We strongly uphold our wellness programs. And this coming year, Encore is paying for a wellness coach for any employee, especially for those that don’t meet 3 out 5 standards on the health exam we provide. 

HL: What changes have you seen among your employees, their families, or the surrounding community as a result of your program(s)?

EE: We’ve seen increased interest expressed from employees on how and where to seek help, how to improve wellness exam scores—just a general increase in open dialogue and conversation. Employees feel comfortable discussion and talking about wellness and are always asking when the next wellness challenge is or when the next wellness meeting will be. There has been a progression of our health in general and an overall increase in recognition and awareness.

HL: What does working for a healthy business mean to you personally as an employee?

EE: I think it’s really tied in with our safety culture. We are so focused on the individual. The people who work here have to be so physically fit; it’s amazing how much our team is lifting and moving. So the safety culture is integrated into the wellness culture. And when I come into work, I know that this organization truly cares about me as an individual. Yes, the bottom line is important. But it’s made known that the first priority is the workforce, our staff, and our team. 

HL: Have you seen any changes in your life and personal health as a result of Encore’s focus on employee health and safety?

EE: Yes, I’ve become more aware and conscientious. It’s not only always talked about here at Encore, but always practiced. 

HL: How does Encore Electric engage with the community?

EE: We participate in Ton of Turkeys where we work with a radio station to collect turkeys to donate to the Salvation Army. We also work with a food bank, the Boys and Girls Club, and Families First, where we provide electrical work for the family center.

HL: How do you show appreciation for your team?

EE: We call them out, send out emails, put them in our newsletter, recognize them with fruit deliveries. Most companies start at the top, but a unique element of our organization is that ours is really an inverted structure where we put our field team at the top and have them as the most centric part of who we are as an organization. 

We don’t want to become stagnate. We really want to step it up every year and continue to provide employees with all the tools and resources they need to be healthy and well. One of our core values is truly caring about the individuals. We are a people-first organization. Organizations that have such a focus on the wellness of its employees shows that the organization lives its values.