Success Stories

Town of Silverthorne / Silverthorne, CO

Certified Health Links™ Business Leader

Health Links (HL): Why did your business decide to become a Health Links Certified Healthy Business?

Town of Silverthorne (TOS): We offer a comprehensive wellness program of which we are proud of and want to share with other businesses.

HL: What benefits did the Certification bring to your business?

TOS: We were fortunate to receive a runner-up award for the Chamber wellness champion as well as a grant for non-smoking signage this past year.

HL: How has this Certification changed the way your business thinks about health promotion and safety?

TOS: We continue to work on our program, building and evaluating our employees' needs and what benefits our organization the best.

HL: How has your employee health and safety program given back to your community?

TOS: When you talk to our employees they are happy and feel good about working for the Town of Silverthorne and help share the various amenities we have for our community.