Success Stories

MINES & Associates / Littleton, CO

Certified Leaders

Why did your business decide become a Health Links Certified Healthy Business?:
MINES & Associates strives to bring wellness and mental health assistance to our clients and community. With our focus on helping our clients be healthy- both as an organization and as individuals- it was a no brainer to join Health Links. MINES is always looking for ways to collaborate and partner with like-minded organizations that promote the same ideals. Last year we were a healthy Business Partner and now it is exciting to see how much difference a year can make as we continue to focus on the safety and wellbeing of our employees. Ultimately, healthy employees are happier employees, as well as being more productive.

What benefits did the Certification bring to your business?:
Having the certification stating that MINES is a healthy business helps bring awareness to those we do business with that we take wellness in the workplace seriously, and “practice what we teach” promoting a consistent wellbeing focus both internally and externally. Additionally, the certification acts as a badge of pride for our company and has allowed our wellness committee to look at our internal wellness promotion differently.

How has this Certification changed the way your business thinks about health promotion and safety?:
We have refined the ways that we analyze the ideas and wellness methodology that we promote to our clients to help improve their own engagement with wellness initiatives as well as health and safety promotion. This helps us strategize how we can apply those same principles within our own organization, and in turn enhance our understanding of wellness principles to help us deliver better and more consistent wellbeing services supported by our experience.

How has your employee health and safety program given back to your community?:
We have been able to use what we have learned within our own company to help improve how we serve our clients and community. As we continue to calibrate our company culture in the wellness realm it has created a sense of personal accountability and pride which drives an enhanced passion to help others achieve the same. In fact, we have several health champions who have initiated efforts to use our skills and knowledge at Community Health Fairs and various organizations. Our program is a great starting off point to support causes that are health and safety related and we have begun to include more community based services and volunteer efforts into our future planning.