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Health Links™ is a nonprofit initiative spearheaded by health and safety experts at the Center for Health, Work and Environment within the Colorado School of Public Health. Our mission is to simplify how worksite health and safety get done. By doing so, we are helping build healthy, vibrant businesses and a stronger local economy.

Health Links™ recognizes businesses that champion worker wellbeing and safety with the Health Links™ Healthy Business Certification, a program that recognizes small businesses for meeting or exceeding worker health and safety standards. For small businesses that are just getting started, Health Links™ provides support through our Kick-Start Program, which awards seed funding and provides free expert advising to qualified business for successfully building worksite wellness and safety programs.

We connect businesses to each other and to vital resources that can help them succeed. The Health Links™ Healthy Business Network is a group of funded and certified businesses that share best practices and ideas through Facebook and other forums. Through our Preferred Vendor Program, business owners and wellness coordinators can connect with local or national organizations and companies that provide the best health and safety services for their needs.

Worksite Wellness News in Colorado

October 21, 2016

Employer's Role in Tobacco Cessation

Grand Junction, Colorado

Another excellent article by Health Links Grand Junction Lead Advisor, Rebecca Weitzel. This feature is on tobacco use, its impact on workers and how the employers can play a role. Check it out!

September 8, 2016

Finding workers in Colorado with the right soft skills- increasingly more difficult


For local employers finding workers not only with the right technical skills but also the necessary soft skills — things like teamwork, communication and punctuality — has become increasingly difficult in Colorado’s tight labor market. This article discusses the impact of this phenomenon and provides resources that help build soft skills. 

August 28, 2016

Celebrating Colorado's Healthiest Places to Work 2016


Aurora, CO (August 23, 2016)—Last week, close to 200 representatives from local businesses, health departments, and chambers of commerce from across the state came together to celebrate businesses championing workplace health and safety the third annual Celebrating Colorado’s Healthiest Places to Work event hosted by Health Links.

Health Links, a program spearheaded by the Center for Health, Work & Environment at the Colorado School of Public Health, recognized five local organizations for their achievements in creating healthy and safe work environments.   Read More.