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Health Links™ is a nonprofit initiative spearheaded by the Center for Health, Work & Environment at the Colorado School of Public Health. We collaborate with employers to build a culture of health and safety in the workplace. We assess organizations’ policies and programs; offer evidence-based recommendations in one-on-one advising sessions; connect employers with local resources; and certify qualifying employers as Healthy Businesses.


Worksite Wellness News in Colorado

April 25, 2017

Moving efforts promote healthier lifestyles

Grand Junction, Colorado

Modern life has decreased our everyday movement, impacting obesity rates in America. However, we can find ways to incorporate more movement into our daily routines. Employers especially can make a huge difference to promote healthy practices through education, job re-engineering and the creation of new social norms.

April 23, 2017

MINES & Associates Certified as Healthy Business Leader


Congratulations to MINES & Associates for being recognized as a Certified Healthy Business Partner. MINES takes a holistic approach to building a culture of workplace health and safety, promoting well-being through the services they offer as well as community efforts. 

April 20, 2017

City of Fort Collins - Government wins the Governor's Award for Worksite Wellness


Congratulations to our healthy business leader, City of Fort Collins - Government, for winning the Governor's Award for Worksite Wellness from the Colorado Governor's Council for Active and Healthy Lifestyles. We are proud to have City of Fort Collins - Government as part of our healthy business network and applaud their efforts to make employee health and safety a priority and cultivate a culture of health.