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Health Links™ is a nonprofit initiative spearheaded by health and safety experts at the Center for Health, Work and Environment within the Colorado School of Public Health. Our mission is to simplify how worksite health and safety get done. By doing so, we are helping build healthy, vibrant businesses and a stronger local economy.

Health Links™ recognizes businesses that champion worker wellbeing and safety with the Health Links™ Healthy Business Certification, a program that recognizes small businesses for meeting or exceeding worker health and safety standards. For small businesses that are just getting started, Health Links™ provides support through our Kick-Start Program, which awards seed funding and provides free expert advising to qualified business for successfully building worksite wellness and safety programs.

We connect businesses to each other and to vital resources that can help them succeed. The Health Links™ Healthy Business Network is a group of funded and certified businesses that share best practices and ideas through Facebook and other forums. Through our Preferred Vendor Program, business owners and wellness coordinators can connect with local or national organizations and companies that provide the best health and safety services for their needs.

Worksite Wellness News in Colorado

August 25, 2016

Town of Cedaredge hosts walking challenge

Cedaredge , Colorado

With funding from Health Links, Cedaredge conducted a town-wide walking challenge that ended in early July. Stakes were high with a $50 prize and Health Links t-shirt for each team member! Teams of seven were formed and steps were recorded and averaged over six weeks. Big shout out to team June Busters who took 1st place with a combined average of 3,069,068 steps. Congratulations! Special thanks to Mayor Gene Welch (see photo) for presenting the prizes to the winners! Stay tuned for the next challenge!

August 25, 2016

How to Support Employees with Cancer

Cancer is a devastating diagnosis and often an uncomfortable topic at work. Here's how Human Resources can help. An estimated 1.7 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed this year. About 1,630 people a day are expected to die of the disease in 2016. Even though it touches so many people, cancer presents a quandary for HR professionals about how much they can—and should—reach out to those affected. Employers must provide certain benefits and protections, such as those guaranteed by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act, but at the same time they are obliged to protect medical privacy under...

August 25, 2016

How to talk to Millennial employees about benefits and pay

For Millennials, their shared context includes growing up with social media saturation and entering the workforce burdened by student debt in the aftermath of the financial crisis and recession. When talking to them about benefits and pay, then, the conversation should be different from how you would address the topic with their older colleagues.